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Cinematography Talks: Winnie Heun

Cinematography landscape is developing at a fast pace and as we no longer use a whole truck of light there is place for a wider creativity when it comes to the art of capturing unique tabletop shots. In our new series of DoP to DoP talks – Mikołaj Krawczunas, a DoP passionately interested in latest technology, invites various cinematographers to the table, and asks for some little behind the scenes of their work. His first guest is Winnie Heun, a Berlin based DoP specializing in tabletop.

Winnie, how would you describe your lighting approach?

For me contrast is everything. I am not a fan of too much fill light and I love hard Tungsten beams. But overall speaking my lighting approach on things is changing constantly due to the fact that I am changing myself too, I guess. On live action and tabletop shots there is no right way of lighting a scene or product. I hate routine, so I try to give every shot a new eye. At the moment I am using reflectors in various sizes such as the CRLS system. I built my own reflectors, though.

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