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Dive into the Macro world with LAOWA

Presenting the new Venus Optics Laowa Periprobe Cine 24 mm T/14 Macro 2:1

Tabletop professionals are known for their continuous search for new technical solutions to make their imagery all the more interesting and outstanding. That’s one of the reasons macro shots have become a crucial part of the tabletop craft.

Laowa’s new product, Venus Optics Laowa Periprobe Cine 24 mm T/14 Macro 2:1, the new version of well known Venus Optics Laowa 24mm T14 2X Probe, provides users with a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to creating the most spectacular macro images. The periscope version was created with and for professionals working in macro in mind but who are looking for something more. 

It’s a follow-up probe for the previous Laowa Venus Optics 24mm T14 2X Macro Probe. With its unique tubular shape, it makes it possible to shoot both at 0° and at 90°. This allows for lots of new creative opportunities that weren’t possible before. Its users can get very close to the subject in a discreet, almost intimate way, creating a bug-eye effect, which provides an immersive experience for the viewer.

It’s the perfect solution for projects where the goal is to submerge into the world of small flora and fauna, as well as food shots, where professionals strive for the most mouthwatering and eye-catching shots.

Besides it’s interchangeable periscope tip, some of the main advantages of the new Periprobe include the possibility of 360° rotation, bug-eye perspective, x2 magnification, a waterproof barrel, that can be put in liquid (a crucial quality for shooting tabletop), deep depth of field, extra threaded tip (1/4 20) and LED diodes. 

The lens can be paired with a wide range of popular film cameras. At the moment Laowa Venus Optics Periprobe Cine 24 mm T/14 mm is the only lens of its kind produced on the market. What’s not to love?

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