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Iconic campaigns: Miele x Udo Reichelt-Schaurer

There are a lot of great campaigns around, but only few of them become legendary and unforgettable. You watch them over and over again, amazed how timeless they are and you keep asking yourself this same one question: how did they make it happen? We will try to lift the veil of secrecy and look behind the scenes from the perspective of directors, food stylists, sfx engineers and producers. Here is episode one: Miele Generation 7000 campaign in the eyes of food stylist Udo Reichelt-Schaurer.

How do you recall the Miele Generation 7000 campaign? What is its place in your memory?

This project was another beautiful pearl in the realm of great projects I have experienced over the years. 

It was a privilege to work with such an amazing team with people flown in from all over the world and to be a part of such a creative and innovative production. 

How the co-operation between the director, world renowned chefs, Azuma Makoto and you, as a food stylist, looked like?

It was tremendously challenging to translate the ideas and vision from the director, flower artist and Michelin Star chefs into very elaborate fine dining dishes and camera ready food elements for the shoot. It was an inspiring collaboration, allowing us to work with a huge variety of ingredients and on dishes that were specially created for this shoot by the chefs and my team. 

Difficulties could have been generated by the fact that all contributors were consummate professionals in their own fields, but in fact this was the reason that the team gelled so easily – everyone’s expert input was equally valued. 

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