Iconic foods x AI

We have challenged ourselves to learn how to use and embrace AI… only to find out (after many, many hours) that it’s the AI that’s learning about us.

First and most important fact is that tools like Midjourney are not here for our pleasure and they are not available for us to have fun with. These are tools, self-learning tools, which we –  humans – are working hard to improve. We feed them with every single click and every second we spend not only in Midjourney, but on the web in general.

The moment we realize it, is the moment we start learning a new language. Similar to a small kiddo. At first there is a lot of gugu gaga, then, after a long time (and a few breakdowns) you start to catch up. You start to understand the language and how to talk to the machine.

It’s not there to please you (a little reminder), so to get what you want you need to be smart and patient.

Food, a very human thing, is immensely abstract to the machine. What is food? Fuel? Pleasure? Culture? A little bit of everything for sure!

We decided to check how the AI tools will interpret the iconic foods: bread, eggs, honey, cheese. We came up with a project, placing our heroes in the center, like icons of taste, totems against natural landscapes.

And we kind of liked what we saw, but during the process many different feelings were born… anxiety, withdrawal, powerlessness.

Basically, we couldn’t decide if we preferred it when the AI did the whole job for us and it looked great straight away, or when we needed to put our hands to work and make it look convincing and satisfying… Deep down, we already knew that the moment the AI successfully creates the perfect image will be the moment of our biggest despair. And every time the AI produced imperfect pictures we were actually happy as there was still some space left for us. 

And step by step we’ve learned where and how, intentionally, create that space for ourselves. Getting the most out of AI and leaving a space for our own creativity at the studio, to address our project assumptions most accurately. 

As we continue this journey across the boundaries of imagination, both human and AI, as well as their points of contact, we wanted to share these very first results and thoughts with you. Second part of the article is to come soon 🙂


The article is based on the experiments carried out at CHPTR by Bites. Our foundation is to take creativity exploration to another level. Creators, directors, photographers, visual artists, videographers, art directors, producers, clients and agencies – are all welcome!

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