Illustrated interview: Wolnograf

Illustrated interview is a column, where storyboard artists answer our questions with drawings that need no explanation. Wolnograf is a digital artist (now running a studio), drawing constantly ever since he remembers. He tried his creative skills in different areas, such as product design, interior design, set design and more, but the one common thing for all of these was the drawing itself. Because of his 6-years career as a set designer he decided to become a Storyboard Artist and devoted his life to it completely.

What’s the last frame you drew?

How does a tomato jump?

What’s your favourite effect to draw?

Tea or coffee?

What sparks your imagination?

Could you show us your first drawing, or recreate it from your memory?


Among many specializations in storyboard field, one is the One I love most – Table Top. For some reason I love to draw all those food and product effects, such as splashes, bounces, liquids, explosions, fallings, jumping and many more. It’s the field of experimentations, of how to reach those effects in a way, that will look both beautiful and – more importantly – will represent the Idea that the Director wants to achieve through the real shoot.

Currently I’m running a small Storyboard and Illustration Studio in Poznan, Poland. Along with other members, we’re working, learning and trying to share our skills with young people who are thinking about diving into drawing and sketching just as we did.

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