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In conversation with: Julia Weichinger

Julia Weichinger is the GPN’s General Manager and Owner. For the past years she has worked very closely with leading production houses in London, Berlin, Hamburg and Paris, connecting their producers with independent service production companies all around the world. As the Global Production Network goes tabletop, we ask Julia about some behind the scenes of this decision and the key values behind the whole network. 

Jakub Laskus: What is GPN? How does it work and operate? 

Julia Weichinger: The idea of GPN is to make our client’s life easier. If a producer needs to shoot abroad, in a country he has never been in before, GPN is there to assist with a contact. GPN provides a safety net for our clients, getting together the best people from around the globe for their next production. We are every client’s expanded production arm.

At GPN, we provide a comprehensive network that simplifies the process of fulfilling various needs. Each company that we represent has a proven track record of satisfied customers, which demonstrates our deep knowledge of them. Although the companies within our network may compete, we believe that we can all benefit from stronger relationships. We understand that our clients may have specific loyalties, and we value and respect those relationships. In fact, we love working with loyal clients because the longer we collaborate, the smoother the process becomes. Even when faced with high pressure situations, our established relationships ensure that we know each other well. Ultimately, we strive to bring this collaborative and supportive approach to the market.

A few weeks ago, we expanded our network by partnering with the top-notch tabletop studios globally, aiming to enhance our offerings in this field.

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