Breaking Bread (down)

How a piece of bread became a piece of art

Bread – one of the oldest man-made foods. Despite its various forms and types, the idea behind it is simple – a baked, flour and water-based dough. But simple certainly doesn’t mean boring. Bread can inspire and amaze, we have proof; not just loafing around (pun intended). 

A Swedish artist, Spanish sculpting duo, New York- based bread influencer, an Italian visionnaire and a Polish still life photographer. For these artists, this staple food became a muse and a medium. Welcome to the most beautiful bakery.

Lexie Smith – the importance of sharing


Artist, bread maker, model and influencer Lexie Smith not only creates absolutely breathtaking shapes out of bread. She also understands the value that comes with bread-making culture.

Her sculptures are a beautiful variety of snake-like, organic shapes, tangled and bent in all sorts of ways. Sometimes she poses along with her creations; as if she was trying to remind us that behind each piece of bread, there are real people who make it. 

Linda Ring’s artisanal sourdough 


Linda Ring, a Swedish artist, not only brings joy and beauty to an everyday element of life, but she also pays respect to the significance and the tradition that comes with her choice of canvas. Her breads comment on the changes that the process of bread-making had foregone throughout the rise of capitalism and mass production. A truly important message behind these traditional, yet definitely not outdated, pieces of art. 

Ana Dominguez and Omar Sosa – the art of balance


These two artists give a new meaning to a balanced diet in their Bread photo-series for Apartamento Magazine. Their sculptures are stunning and mind-boggling. The different types of bread are stacked up, creating differently shaped towers that look as if they could tumble down at any given moment. Just look at these tones and textures, almost architectural! 

Bread+honey – ain’t it sweet?


Man does not live by bread alone”. Maybe that’s why Giorgia Mocilnik, an Italian artist, joined her forces with honey fingers studio and honey bees, to add some honey to the mix. 

Bread+honey exhibit is composed of pieces sculptured from bread fragments and honey combs. However, the real heroes behind the sculptures are the bees. The bread was inserted in the beehive and taken out along with the combs. The results are beautiful – the complexity of the honeycombs combined with the simplicity of the bread, creates a feast for the eyes.

Styling bread like an artist


Maciek Miloch’s short film The Bread Queen is an almost camp take on the subject. The video is inspired by the reality of an American household in the 60s and the use of bread in this scenario is sure to bring a smile to the viewer’s face. Miloch continuously shows how what’s traditionally understood as art can transcend into the world of motion pictures – including commercial campaigns.

The Bread Queen by Maciek Miloch

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