The Strangest Orchard

Bizarre fruit presented in Odd Apples by William Mullan

Supposedly, eating one apple a day keeps the doctor away. However, when it comes to looking at them, we’d say one is definitely not enough. Especially, if they’re as peculiar and surprising as the fruit presented in William Mullan’s ‘Odd apples‘ – an album honoring the strangest (and strangely beautiful) apples. Take a look yourselves!

The album published in 2021 is a continuation of Mullan’s earlier (2018) book by the same title, consisting of 32 pages. The new version presents the reader with 90 delightful apple portraits.

While the more classically beautiful apples are certainly an enjoyable sight to see. Even the less appetizing fruits showcased in the book, prove to be visually pleasing in their own unique way. As the author says:

“Some of these apples look like frogs; some are pink inside; some look psychedelic, and some look like stars. Through photographs of rare & curious apples, ‘Odd Apples’ celebrates the enchanting diversity and odd nature of apples, expanding our perception of what they look like and what they taste like.”

Browsing through ‘Odd Apples’, is a journey that leaves the viewers in awe and hopefully brings a new perspective to how they look at nature and the power it wields. The power to create such: unique, fantastical and complex objects.


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