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Cinematography Talks: Radu Stefan Fulga

In this new series of DoP to DoP talks – Mikołaj Krawczunas, a DoP passionately interested in the latest technology, invites various cinematographers to share insights into their work. This episode features Radu Stefan Fulga, who is known as a man of many talents and the most technically skilled cinematographer in Romania. 

First of all, can’t resist that question, you’re a cinematographer, VFX supervisor, Motion Control operator, colorist – the list is very impressive. How do you find time to do all of these, very often at the same time?

This list of attributes stems from my background in VFX before becoming a DOP and later a Motion Control Operator. 

To fully realize and faithfully reproduce your vision as a cinematographer on-screen, I believe you require a deep understanding of the ever-changing landscape of technologies and modern cinematic techniques. This understanding then loops back into your creativity, you realize that specific techniques could elevate your work as a cinematographer, and you can approach challenging ideas with confidence and ease. I love demanding projects, and I like to think things through. Finding solutions to seemingly impossible requests is what makes me tick.

Finding the time is relatively easy because I apply what else I know on projects where I am DOP since it is my main job.

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