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Dear all!

Here at Director’y, we’re always looking for ways to broaden our insights by letting you – professionals centered around food filming, be it on the executive or creative side – share your perspectives and ideas. With this goal in mind, we came up with an idea of an online club/online seminars/cycle of online meetings (the form is yet to be specified), that would navigate our branch in this fast changing world and contribute to our main mission of building a community of professionals and tabletop lovers.

For now, it’s just a loose idea, so we’d greatly appreciate it if you could share your thoughts on this. We’re thinking about regular online events/panels dedicated to certain topics. But definitely in the form of a discussion rather than lecture. These are our ideas for the first meetings:

  • food content vs food visual narrative – the difference between the approach, pitches and production
  • treatments – is there any standard existing in tabletop projects, good practices from the live action world
  • the future of tabletop
  • defining a profile of an “ideal director’ nowadays

The event itself would be free of charge. As Director’y is a non-commercial initiative, meaning we do not generate income from our project, we’re also looking for companies who’d like to sponsor such digital events. 

If you have any ideas or suggestions on topics and guests – we’re open for all of them! We’d love to talk details. And if you have any other feedback to give us, feel free to share it with us as well – we want this to be as great of an experience for everyone as possible 🙂

If you’d like to participate, either as an co-organiser, or a sponsor, please let us know! 

Can’t wait to hear what you think,

Director’y Team

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