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Nes Buzzalino


Director and producer born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He likes to shoot in Argentina as well as anywhere in the world wherever a project takes him.

He has a background in fine arts and theatrical direction and perhaps for this reason he likes to clearly define the emotion that must be portrayed to the audience to achieve the right sensation.

He prides himself on transmitting emotions. In finding another way to tell the story, another part to show, but he knows that without hard work it is not possible to get the desired result.

In his nature he understands that at all times he can find images to film. Naturally, when he sees someone cooking, when he sees a drink being served, when he sees the water splinkling in the shower … Nes sees it differently and it is in those moments where many images appear of what will be later shot. Real life itself is a place where he finds inspiration. Cinema, photography, painting and architecture are also places where he digs to find the freshness of his commercials.

Fundamentally it seeks to generate emotions, desires, mouthwatering effects, thirst, hunger and gluttony.
He prefers to venture into realism and naturalness in order to have honest products and seeks that dynamism is in actions and in edition. Still, he gets along very well shooting special effects that are often necessary.

He can work at thousands of FPS and at normal speed. Putting the camera on a tripod or on a robotic arm. Using real products, dummies or people. It is just a matter of defining what has to be told and take the best tools to achieve the objective. He also recognizes that for personal tendency he falls on what there is to be shot using macros and achieving powerful close ups.

Working, he manages an order but if that magical moment appears he can reorganize the plan without any problems.

One of his header phrases is: Every product has its beauty, I work to find it and show it in the best way.

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