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In conversation with: Nuno Correia

With a career spanning over three decades, Nuno Correia has an impressive photography portfolio of food books, international chef collaborations, and food magazine features. And he’s a tabletop director. We sat down with Nuno to discuss his path to directing and the roots of his unique visual language.

Agnieszka Celej: Your works really stand out against other tabletop directors – you have your way of lighting, your way of camera movement, your way of storytelling. How did you find your own visual language? 

Nuno Correia: My approach is what I’ve learned from photography. I’ve been a photographer since 1989 and that’s what I really like. I’ve started in sports photography – and I was a football photographer. They have 30 pages in GettyImages with my images with Spanish football, with the big stars that were playing at the time. 

In photography, I think I got not to the top, but close, so I thought ‘ok, now that I’m good, I have a good team working with me, post production, etc., time to move to filming’.

And what I did was transporting what I achieved in photography into film. I did around 30 food books with several chefs, international chefs, I worked with food magazines as well. So that language, the photography language, I transplanted into tabletop. My goal is not to get to the perfection of tabletop like most directors do, where it almost touches CGI. I like it, but it’s not my way. My way is more organic, it’s more natural. The light, the approach, the food itself. So that’s why it turns out a little bit different. 

I’m still doing photography – it’s my passion. Of course, I like filming too, but my real passion is photography. 

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