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Still or still-life?

Scott Fraser, Arnout van Albada, Paul Wonner and their hyper-realistic delights

Paul Wonner, Scott Fraser, and Arnout van Albada are three highly talented artists, each with their own unique style and approach to art. Wonner’s colourful and vibrant still-life paintings are like a feast for the eyes, while Fraser’s hyperrealistic works are so detailed, you could mistake them for photographs. And then there’s van Albada, whose monumental (as he himself describes them) yet poignantly simplistic compositions carry a certain kind of strength. Seeking inspiration outside of the film universe can be just as fruitful as inside of it.

Scott Fraser 

Scott Fraser is a master of hyperrealism. His paintings are so life-like, you’ll have to take a second look to make sure they’re not photographs. His works, incredibly detailed and precise, capture the essence of his subjects with a show stopping level of accuracy. You could spend hours staring at one of his paintings, marvelling at the way he’s able to capture the subtle nuances of light and shadow, the textures of different surfaces, and the intricate details of everyday objects. Although he might seem like a perfectionist, underneath all this attention to details and technical skills, there’s a sense of comfort and humanity about his works. Fraser takes inspiration in the great masters of renaissance, modern painters, as well as the people closest to him creating a signature style that makes his art unforgettable and magnetising. This approach to inspiration is truly applaudable and can definitely serve as an inspiration of its own for creators of all kinds, including table top professionals.

Arnout van Albada

Arnout van Albada’s art is like stepping into a dream world – a bit serene and a lot beautiful. His still-life paintings often consist of a single object, yet the simplicity of his compositions are entrancing. There’s a retro vibe around them – the choice of foods and products presented almost remind the viewer of vintage commercials, where the vivd jellos or pastel frosted cakes stole the show. But there’s also something very modern about them. Maybe it’s the hyper-realistic take, or the rawness of his art. It’s a testament to his creativity and imagination, and the skill with which he’s able to bring his vision to life. His art is a reminder that sometimes the most interesting and beautiful things can come to life when the artist focuses on one thing at a time, letting the audience admire the details and examine the most usual objects in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Paul Wonner

Paul Wonner’s art often incorporates elements of abstraction and realism, blending the two to create a unique visual experience. Wonner’s use of bold, bright colours and his ability to capture the essence of his subjects with loose, gestural brushstrokes make his art instantly recognisable. It’s a celebration of the beauty and joy of life, as seen through the eyes of a highly skilled and talented artist. His paintings make us feel things, they tell a story. Some of the most capturing paintings are almost collage-like still natures with tons of complex floral compositions and small details hidden all around. It’s a feast for one’s eyes and an ode to the artistic styles of the past: impressionism, surrealism, northern renaissance – it’s all there, yet the finished product is a unique viewing experience. 

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