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Reaction on the article ‘Tabletop should un-plankton itself’

I completely disagree with the article written by my good colleague and country man, Olaf van Gerwen. I speak here as Ronald Koetzier, tabletop director/DOP. Having a few years of experience, I see shooting tabletop as a craft, but a craft closely related to client’s needs.

I want to make things as good, nice, appetizing, stylish, funny and functional as possible – all that to serve the brand’s idea. Tell their story. By making stunning macro food shots. And that’s already a very difficult job! 

But it’s like being a shoemaker. It needs to fit well for the needs of the client. Still you need to make it super nice, but it needs to fit the client’s needs. Yes, maybe a pink shoe with bells and whistles make me look much better as a shoemaker and I may even win some awards, but clients will be unhappy after a while. The shoe doesn’t fit. Pink was not their brand colour and the bells are very loud. Not what they were looking for. 

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