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CHPTR by Bites

Where the creative juices flow

Welcome to our melting pot location that houses the explorations and visualizations of creators’ works. By day, it serves as the headquarters for Director’y and creators oriented studio. Then, as if flowing with the rhythm of the evening; it seamlessly transitions to our gallery, supper club or meeting point. 

Our goal here at Chptr* stems from the foundation to take creativity exploration to another level. Creators, directors, photographers, visual artists, videographers, art directors, producers, clients and agencies – are all welcomed!

Chptr invites creative voices, from all spheres to share their perspectives; utilizing our location as a swivel platform. 

Imagine being surrounded by others that value creativity and the expression of it. Where the angle you take on a given project is met with open arms, garner fresh insights, potential collaboration and enthusiasm. For us, this is the ultimate fertilized ground for creative expansion. We wish to debunk the myth that creativity needs to look or feel a particular way. In fact, the ultimate truth is that; had it been set in stone, we’d all have in our possession the ‘holy grail manual to creativity’. Assuming such a thing exists; the pages must be left blank; allowing creators the opportunity to color them as they see it. 

Photo: Mikołaj Krawczunas

Chptr is delighted to hold an ongoing Open Call dedicated to all visual image makers. We are looking for experimental ideas from the territory of food, beauty, abstract and visual arts. 

Our space is located in “a place with history”- Koneser. Enriched by its historic walls.

Warsaw Vodka Factory “Koneser” was built in the years 1895-1897.- There were two separate plants on the factory premises at that time: The Warsaw Rectification and the Warsaw Treasury Wine Storehouse – the first purified spirit, the second produced liquor from it. In 1923, in the vicinity of Koneser, the State Mint was located, in which: coins, medals, badges and stamps were minted. The grounds have been revitalized with its most valuable historical areas of the capital; made available to its inhabitants. 

Whether you visit during the daylight; to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking panoramic view of light glaring through the windows or at night time; tranquil yet alive surroundings; you are bound to want to stay longer. 

Our address:

Plac Konesera 6
Building E3, space: B1

… See you at our Chptr playground! 

*Chptr studio is powered by Bites studio and is the headquearters of Director’y. 


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