Planting a seed of inspiration

The hidden beauty behind 'Seeds & Fruits' by Levon Biss

While enjoying a crisp apple, seeing a ripe tomato on film or admiring the beauty of a flower in full bloom; we rarely think of the unsung hero of these stories – the seeds.


Hidden in the ground, giving life to the amazing flora of our planet, these often tiny objects don’t get enough attention. British visual artist Levon Biss, successfully tries to give them justice in his photographic project ‘Seeds & Fruits’.


One look at Biss’ photos, shows how the variety: of textures, colours and shapes; make the titular object, the perfect subjects for visual art. Their bizarre beauty brings a wide range of possibilities, in regards to how it can be showcased. 


Some, remind us of creatures straight from a bestiary, others could easily pass as modern sculptures. Each and every one is intriguing in its complex structure. Just take a look for yourselves!

Visit for more amazing projects by Levon Biss, or follow his explorations on Instagram: @levonbiss

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