Floris Holtland



Floris Holtland



Floris is a film director and photographer with a passion for food.

Over the past 10 years he has worked for production companies that specialise in food. 

Being an in house director has enabled him to be be much more involved in the entire production process, allowing him insights and creative input in the process from beginning to end. This has given him a great understanding of what it takes to create mouth-watering food content.

In each and every frame, whether it’s a swirl of milk in dark brown coffee, tomatoes bouncing in beautiful slow motion or a subtle smile that tells you just how good that ice cream tastes, his focus always remains on achieving the clients vision.

He considers his work a craft. A meticulous blend of technique, creativity and taste appeal.

Want to join him on a visual and sensory exploration of the world of food?

Let’s start with a coffee!

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