Stef Viaene

Director/Director of Photography


Stef Viaene


Stef’s roots are in Animation Film, Photography and Fine Arts. 

He evolved from Experimental Animation film, through Visual Arts, towards Film. Enriched by all these experiences, Stef became one of the world’s most renowned and skilled tabletop directors.

He is regarded as one of the most leading and innovative directors of our time.

Stef was of one of the pioneers of the genre. 

He has been involved in many technical developments, such as high speed recordings, special lenses, motion control and special effects rigs.

But it is mainly in terms of content that his work has pushed boundaries.

As a pure creative mind, he knows like no other how to give a concept an extra dimension and lift a project to another level.

Stef shot perhaps every conceivable manner of food and table top film about a decorated career, and yet, his work looks fresher than ever.

His work is a visual cacaphony of explosive cinematic flavor .

It bursts from the screen , with blizards of texture , splinters of light and intricate fibonacci-spiralling colors , taking on an almost visceral quality.

Thanks to his vast experience combined with his dynamic creative mind, Stef still works for the most important brands in the world.

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