Exploring creativity with photographer Liam Desbois

In the spirit of celebrating creativity, we ask talented individuals around the globe to fill our q&a on whats and hows of their creative process. The first episode is hosted by London based food photographer – Liam Desbois. Try looking at his portfolio without drooling or daydreaming about your next meal. 

How would you describe what you do?

– I always aim to create imagery that targets all of the senses. Even though photographs can only be seen, I want the viewer to feel as if they can taste and smell the food, hear the sizzle or crunch and imagine the textures of each dish just by looking at them. The ultimate goal is to create mouthwatering food imagery, whether it’s a photograph accompanying a written recipe, a beautiful editorial story or to sell a specific product to a certain market.

How did you get started?

– I studied photography for 5 years at both college and university. I then went on to assist a photographer full time and then assisted many more as a freelancer before becoming a photographer in my own right.


A strength or skill you value most:

– Photographers are problem solvers, so I’d have to say that is my most valuable strength. Solving briefs, coming up with creative solutions to them and delivering a successful end result are definitely the skills I value most. 

One of your favourite projects you’ve worked on:

– I always feel that I enjoy the most recent project the most. However I do love the work I shoot for Waitrose, it’s always such a joy to shoot in that specific look and style. They were also my first big client, so I think the work I create for them always feels more special to me. 

Which phase of the creative process thrills you the most?

– I quite enjoy tweaking the lighting and making adjustments to the set, seeing how far the shot progresses from beginning to end. That process of enhancing the shot by making alterations to the lighting, composition, and seeing it improve with each change is something I really enjoy. 

What sparks your imagination?

– I can’t help but pay attention to every food and drink related advert I see. I even look at my lunch or dinner sometimes and imagine how good it could look if styled and lit properly. I’m not sure I ever fully switch off that mindset of looking at food and thinking about how I could make it look better. 

3 things you need to get into your creative comfort zone:

– Organisation, calm and a great food/prop stylist. 


Do you keep to a special daily routine in order to let your creative juices flow?

– Truthfully, no. However I’d like to think I’m always focussing on how I can evolve and better at what I do. Keeping on top of trends, making sure my style is somewhat unique and always focussing on the next big project. 

A book, movie, exhibition, podcast you recently found inspiring:

Everything, everywhere all at once was an incredibly creative movie. It certainly inspired me to think outside the box and that creativity rarely has any limits or boundaries you can’t break down or push further. 



Liam Desboisan award winning London based food and travel photographer, who has an authentic style that leaves you craving a myriad of dishes from sweet to savoury. A true lover of light and composition, Liam seeks the angles and perspectives to make each of his images stand out, expertly crafting succulent imagery you can almost taste. 1st Place Winner at Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2020 Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture Category. He has shot for clients such as Waitrose & Partners, Waitrose Weekend, McCain, Deliveroo, Scottish Field Magazine, Hawksmoor and for various other restaurants in and around the UK. Liam is represented by Food Hall.

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