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Navigating New Frontiers: My Experience with AI in the Creative Process

Just as digital photography once revolutionized analog, generative AI is set to redefine content production, introducing new skills, job opportunities, and raising the standards for original human-made content. Amidst this evolving landscape, my personal journey with AI video generation has been one of cautious exploration and gradual acceptance, acknowledging the transformative potential of this technology in content creation.

AI is for me… 

A technology that is super intriguing, but also challenging to keep up with; its rapid development forces me to constantly adjust my standpoint as objectives change so quickly. Generative AI opens up new creative and innovative areas and I think that those that utilize it well can benefit from it. But we as content creators will be faced with some serious challenges. 

Generative AI is about to revolutionize content production much like digital photography transformed analog. It doesn’t just set a new standard; it charts a whole new territory, creating new skills, new job opportunities, and it will raise the bar for human-made original content production.

I’ve had a degree of skepticism towards AI video generation for some time. When I stumbled upon the first viral AI-generated video featuring Will Smith eating some pasta, I was amazed by the thought of inputting text and generating video from it,  but I also had strong feelings that it wouldn’t dominate the [tabletop] content production business anytime soon. I think we can all see why.

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