Sweet as honey

The beautiful message behind Honey Fingers’ art

As the daunting list of climate-change-related issues grows, people who dedicate their lives to saving the planet are finding new admirable ways to spread awareness about the severity of the situation. Modern artists (in the broadest sense of the title), are a big part of the equation. Activism becomes a prominent theme of their works.

The shadow of the tragedy that is the slow, but undeniable, extinction of bees; is hanging over our heads. Honey Fingers: a collective of eco-activists, beekeepers and artists; loudly state the facts about this critical matter with their series of creative works, surrounding – yes, you guessed right – honey. 

Sculptures: Nic Dowse @honey_fingers | Photography: Lillie Thompson @lilli_thimpson

They seem to have a bee in their bonnet (probably literally, as well as metaphorically speaking) and we couldn’t be happier. As their compositions are not only deliciously beautiful, but also meaningful and urgent. The intricate combs and the golden nectar dripping from the ‘sculptures’, makes for complex, yet very down-to-earth art pieces. Mixing nature’s gold with daily objects like a lamp or a dining plate; seems to remind us, the viewers, of how important bees are in supporting our everyday lives – even if we’re often oblivious to the fact.   

Everything Honey Fingers does, is done with respect towards the animals; knowing very well that it’s the bees who are the true artists behind their creations. Honey Fingers’ humility towards nature is something we hope to see more of; in creators today. 

Besides their visually pleasing projects, they also spread their broad knowledge through beekeeping workshops, events, lectures and collaborations with global brands.


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