i am Kingvoon.
i am Human.
i am a Muse.

i tell stories & tales of food.
i catch them in its most sincere & wholesome moment.
i play with them… when they let me.
i wait, when they are shy.

i watch them move to their own tune.
i listen to their songs when they sing.
i embrace their symphony of lush tones & textures.

i let them seduce & tempt me.
i let them tease my senses.
i let them comfort me too.
i let them stir my past, present & future.

i become rich, silky chocolate.
i become crisp, sizzling streaky bacon on a skillet.
i become a robust shot of espresso, pouring over iced milk.
i become a bowl of warm beef ramen on a cold,winter’s night.

i become… Them.
i become… You.
i become… Us.

i am a Muse.
i am Food.
i am Kingvoon.

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