Exploring creativity with director Niels La Croix

In the spirit of celebrating creativity, we ask talented individuals around the globe to fill our q&a on whats and hows of their creative process. This episode is dedicated to Niels La Croix, director known for his distinctive blend of live action, lifestyle and table top. 

How would you describe what you do?

As a former Art Director at the agency side I strive to transform the often-dreaded realm of marketing into something captivating and extraordinary. My aim is to provide consumers with a visual feast that stands out amidst the sea of mundane advertisements. Given that an average person encounters around 1000 ads daily, most of which they barely notice, I consider it my personal mission and commitment to craft something truly exceptional.

How did you get started?

In 2012, I made the bold decision to resign from my position as an agency art director to embark on a year of travel. During this time, a respected director encouraged me to step into the role of a director myself. This pivotal moment propelled me into the realm of high-end film direction. The world of food felt like a natural fit for my style, enabling me to communicate my advertising principles – originality coupled with enjoyable viewing. I am, however, eager to extend my vision/style to other domains as well.

A strength or skill you value most:

With a degree in concepting and specialization in photography from the school of arts, generating ideas comes naturally to me, but the real challenge lies in effectively communicating those ideas to clients, agencies, producers, and my team. I believe my strength lies in finding the right balance between these aspects. Clients often see me as friendly, professional, and honest. I wholeheartedly engage with their objectives, and I firmly believe that productions should exude excellence while being friendly and enjoyable. No room for ego’s.

One of your favorite projects you’ve worked on:

Choosing one is difficult. I have a strong connection with all the projects on my website, but the top six on there really resonate with my vision and style the best.

Which phase of the creative process thrills you the most?

There isn’t a single favorite phase. What I love about this job is its variety. Whether it’s the initial surge of creativity, securing a project, sketching out ideas, experimenting, collaborating with the team, exploring new places and people around the world, intense shooting days, the calmness of editing, or adding the finishing touches online. It’s the process itself that I like the most.

What sparks your imagination?

A good creative challenge. 

3 things you need to get into your creative comfort zone:

Two things do the trick. First, a solid understanding of the project’s goals told by creatives from the agency’s side. Second, a bit of calm and space to be at my best.

Do you keep to a particular daily routine to let your creative juices flow?


A book, movie, exhibition, podcast you recently found inspiring:

Inspiration strikes whenever I encounter something that marvels me. It could be any human creation or the wonders of nature itself.



Niels La Croix
is an internationally acclaimed Director, driven by a hunger for daring and captivating projects. His distinctive ability to meld live action, lifestyle, and table top elements into a harmonious whole sets him apart. Operating on a global scale and based in The Netherlands, he frequently embarks on journeys with his family to explore the wonders of nature and local cuisines. Discover his portfolio at and catch the whole story of his work on



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